Meet The Allgenic Team

Igor L. Barsky


Mr. Igor L. Barksy is the President of Allgenic Health and Wellness, and the architect behind the overnight success of the industry leading corporation. Mr. Barsky brought to Allgenic his decades of experience as an entrepreneur, and created a top tier organization respected nationally by providers and operators. Mr. Barsky has amassed enduring success throughout his career, but there were many challenges along the way. At fifteen years old, Mr. Barsky immigrated to the United States from Ukraine with his family. He was very involved in art and music as a young man, but was always influenced by the successful businessmen in his family. He was always creative and had a mind for innovation. From an early age, he had a knack for figuring out how to take things apart, diagnose the way they work, and improve upon them.

However, business was in his blood. At just sixteen years old Mr. Barsky began working for himself, and never looked back. Through hard work, determination, and a sheer will to succeed, he has created a number of very successful businesses. Though much of Mr. Barsky’s success initially came from real estate, he began focusing on the healthcare industry. He built and ran several successful physical therapy facilities and chiropractic facilities, employing teams of M.D.s, D.O.s, P.T.s, P.A.s, and other essential staff. Mr. Barsky has had many successful endeavors in both real estate and healthcare, many of which he is still a key stakeholder and plays an important role in leadership.

In 2014, it was his son Robert Barsky who approached Mr. Barsky with an idea for a new business opportunity. Relying on their experience of developing and sustaining teams of highly successful professionals, Robert and Igor went straight to work, and Allgenic Health and Wellness was born. The team culture and environment Mr. Barsky has created, has been most responsible for the company’s success. He credits the accomplishments of Allgenic to the selflessness of his many employees who have made Allgenic Health and Wellness what it is today, Allgenic is a leader in providing a high quality white glove service to physicians throughout the United States, and with Mr. Barsky at the helm, the future looks very bright for Allgenic and for those suffering from debilitating allergies.

Ahmed Howeedy, M.D.

Medical Director

Dr. Howeedy has had a passion for the medical field from a young age. After graduating with honors from the University of Miami he attended the University of South Florida College of Medicine. In the short time since graduating he went on to establish two well respected practices in the Miami area. He currently acts as a provider and/or Medical Director to several health companies. His insight and direction has been paramount to the success and growth of Allgenic Health and Wellness.

He is a member of the Gold Humanism Honor Society and is a Co-Founder of the Project Downtown, a grass roots project to assist the homeless throughout the country. In his spare time, Dr. Howeedy remains very active in his community and in civil rights advocate groups.

Robert Barsky

Vice President

Robert L. Barsky is a multi-lingual, first generation American, whose family hails from Ukraine. During his youth, Robert spent his time between New York and South Florida, where his family worked hard on establishing and expanding their small businesses. After completing high school Robert indulged in traveling through Europe for a year. Though he enjoyed experiencing the different cultures, when it was time for him to continue his education he was drawn back to New York. There he attended Hunter College on an academic scholarship, pursuing a future in Economics. During this time Robert was introduced to a colleague of his father who sparked a new interest in him.

This interest led Robert to Dual Major in Economics and Pre-Med. In his last year of school Robert was awarded an internship in Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania’s Trauma Center. Here he not only tasked with observing trauma surgeries but he spearheaded the research initiative on a bone fracture study. His work was thorough and innovating—leading to it being published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Though this was a rewarding time for Robert, he decided to continue his initial path and head into the business world. Due to the influence of his father, who played a great role in inspiring passion in Robert, he chose to work his way into the business world from the ground up.

He took a role with one of his family’s companies, at first it was a physical role—working on office builds. He moved up from there, along the way gaining insight to better understand the structure of the business. Under his family’s teachings, Robert established himself as a professional with a good work ethic, core values and remarkable entrepreneurial skills. His personal belief is that “there is no task too large to assume”. He owes his success to his father, who can be his biggest critic and biggest supporter.

He now supports his father at Allgenic Health and Wellness where he assumes the position of Vice President, here he is responsible for the Marketing and Sales initiative, which he is taking nationwide. In Robert’s spare time you can find him with his wife, Alexandra, and their two dogs, Teddy and Cody. He is avid basketball player, enjoys fishing, vacationing in the Florida Keys and supporting the S.P.C.A.

Aramis Pilarte

Business Operations Manager

Aramis Pilarte is natural leader, and has a competitive drive that is evident by the great success of our marketing department. The performance of Mr. Pilarte is directly linked to the growth of Allgenic and his strong impact on the day to day operations is palpable. He has years of experience in business administration, customer service, and account management. He received his bachelor’s degree in supply chain management before pursuing his master’s degree in logistics. As a former president of his collegiate debate club, he is a great speaker and motivator. Mr. Pilarte has been part of the great team that has helped Allgenic grow exponentially. He thrives in the fast paced environment he has helped create here at Allgenic Health and Wellness, and his team exhibits the same quality and character as Mr. Pilarte.

His results-focused vision helps to keep the marketing department goal oriented and on track for continued success. His contributions to Allgenic have been immediate and significant. In his personal life, the former baseball player is a passionate sports fan. His previous experience in the sports world helped mould his profound desire for winning in a team atmosphere. He has been honored locally as a Humanitarian Honoree recipient and has spent 4 years as a youth counselor. He is active in the South Florida community and has represented Allgenic Health and Wellness proudly at many events.

John Fraker, M.D.

Member of the board

Dr. Fraker has 20+ years leading healthcare administrative operations and delivering high-quality medical/surgical care to redefine and reshape healthcare delivery networks into efficient, integrated, and patient-centered systems. He is an award-winning, highly accomplished, and patient-focused Chief of Staff and Board Certified Doctor of Medicine in otolaryngology leveraging a diverse suite of healthcare experience across the medical economics spectrum, including private practice, military medicine, multispecialty, clinical care, and academic settings. His presence has added exceptional value to Allgenic Health and Wellness.

He posses a deep knowledge and hands-on experience in the allergy industry. His tremendous success in healthcare administration and departmental leadership roles has helped to achieve consensus and align physicians and administrators, toward improving quality, safety, and patient care. Dr. Fraker had repeatedly demonstrated success in developing operational strategies, workflows, and quality improvement plans that maximized asset utilization, foster operating synergies, and facilitated positive change across organizations. His patient centric guidance and experience continues to be invaluable to Allgenic.

Vanessa Ravelo

Senior Account Manager

The child of Cuban immigrants, Ms. Ravelo grew up in a hard-working family that instilled great character and values in her. She always expressed a desire to help others and found a natural fit in the healthcare industry. In college she studied medical billing and coding and became an analyst working with major healthcare companies. Ms. Ravelo learned the ins and outs of the insurance industry and forged great relationships with the leaders in those industries. Her knowledge is versatile, but her specialty is member benefits and appeals. Throughout her career Ms. Ravelo has worked one on one with physicians to help them resolve claims and educate them on the expectations of coverage providers.

At Allgenic Health and Wellness, she quickly ascended to the role of Senior Account Manager where she monitors the day to day process of our accounts and oversees many of our operations teams. As a liaison between Allgenic Health and Wellness and our accounts, her mission is vital to our success. Ms. Ravelo is responsible for ensuring that each facility in our vast network is running smoothly. She is also charged with staying in contact with coverage providers to keep Allgenic informed on any and all changes in the healthcare industry, as it relates to allergy testing. Her focus and unrelenting devotion to quality has been a benchmark at Allgenic Health and Wellness, and she continues to be a shining example to others inside and outside the organization.

Christie Sonceau

Clinical Coordinator

Born from Haitian parents who came to the United States in search of a better future for themselves, Ms. Sonceau grew up with an incredible work ethic. At an early age she learned discipline and responsibility, by helping to raise her younger siblings in a single parent home. She was always drawn to helping others and wanted to lead by example for her siblings. No stranger to hard work, she often juggled multiple jobs and education. While still in high school, Ms. Sonceau obtained her CNA license. Upon graduating she decided to become a Licensed Practical Nurse and spent the next decade gaining experience in many roles in the healthcare administration including extensive work in the hospital setting.

She learned first hand the effects of allergies and the impact allergies have in a patient care setting. Ms. Sonsceau continued her education by pursuing her BSN degree. She invested her time to expanding her knowledge on allergies and understanding the industry guidelines for testing and treating patients. When she arrived at allgenic she worked with our team to help implement new training and quality assurance guidelines. She is part of Allgenic Health and Wellnesses implementation team and is responsible for educating providers and technicians on best practices for a successful allergy lab. Her care and dedication has been a great asset to our training department. She continues to guide Allgenic with assistance from our team of executives and board members to assist us with our national growth plan.

In her personal life, Ms. Soceau is very involved in the religious community and her church. She continues striving to set a good example for her son. Her favorite passage is Luke 8:16 “No one lights a lamp and then covers it with bowl or hides it under the bed. A lamp is placed on a stand, where its light can be seen by all who enter the house.” Ms. Sonceau’s light shines very bright and sets the tone for Allgenic’s training programs. Her positivity and professionalism is a shining example for those who know her. Allgenic Health and Wellness is proud to have her as part of our team, and we look forward to her continued support in our goals.

Michelle Hernandez

Accounting Specialist

Michelle Hernandez was born and raised in South Florida. After graduating from G. Holmes Braddock, Ms. Hernandez became trained as a banking specialist. She then continued her education by attaining a degree in accounting. She has continued her education over the years and has over 10 years of experience in the accounting field. Ms. Hernandez has worked for the hospitality industry, the tourism industry, and in the healthcare field. She has a wealth of knowledge in many areas of finance. Her oversight in the accounting department at Allgenic Health and Wellness has helped us tremendously.

Her keen attention to detail and strong work ethic has ensured that her department runs smoothly and efficiently. We rely on Ms. Hernandez expertise daily to help budget, project, and plan for our financial future. Her personal and professional growth with Allgenic over the last few years has been yet another reason for the tremendous success of the company. In her personal life, Ms. Hernandez is an avid reader and volunteer. Like many members of the Allgenic Health and Wellness team, she is of strong character and exemplifies the team-oriented leadership that makes Allgenic one of the best companies to work for.