Vanessa Ravelo

Senior Account Manager

The child of Cuban immigrants, Ms. Ravelo grew up in a hard-working family that instilled great character and values in her. She always expressed a desire to help others and found a natural fit in the healthcare industry. In college she studied medical billing and coding and became an analyst working with major healthcare companies. Ms. Ravelo learned the ins and outs of the insurance industry and forged great relationships with the leaders in those industries. Her knowledge is versatile, but her specialty is member benefits and appeals. Throughout her career Ms. Ravelo has worked one on one with physicians to help them resolve claims and educate them on the expectations of coverage providers.

At Allgenic Health and Wellness, she quickly ascended to the role of Senior Account Manager where she monitors the day to day process of our accounts and oversees many of our operations teams. As a liaison between Allgenic Health and Wellness and our accounts, her mission is vital to our success. Ms. Ravelo is responsible for ensuring that each facility in our vast network is running smoothly. She is also charged with staying in contact with coverage providers to keep Allgenic informed on any and all changes in the healthcare industry, as it relates to allergy testing. Her focus and unrelenting devotion to quality has been a benchmark at Allgenic Health and Wellness, and she continues to be a shining example to others inside and outside the organization.