Michelle Hernandez

Accounting Specialist

Michelle Hernandez was born and raised in South Florida. After graduating from G. Holmes Braddock, Ms. Hernandez became trained as a banking specialist. She then continued her education by attaining a degree in accounting. She has continued her education over the years and has over 10 years of experience in the accounting field. Ms. Hernandez has worked for the hospitality industry, the tourism industry, and in the healthcare field. She has a wealth of knowledge in many areas of finance. Her oversight in the accounting department at Allgenic Health and Wellness has helped us tremendously.

Her keen attention to detail and strong work ethic has ensured that her department runs smoothly and efficiently. We rely on Ms. Hernandez expertise daily to help budget, project, and plan for our financial future. Her personal and professional growth with Allgenic over the last few years has been yet another reason for the tremendous success of the company. In her personal life, Ms. Hernandez is an avid reader and volunteer. Like many members of the Allgenic Health and Wellness team, she is of strong character and exemplifies the team-oriented leadership that makes Allgenic one of the best companies to work for.