Igor L. Barsky


Mr. Igor L. Barksy is the President of Allgenic Health and Wellness, and the architect behind the overnight success of the industry leading corporation. Mr. Barsky brought to Allgenic his decades of experience as an entrepreneur, and created a top tier organization respected nationally by providers and operators. Mr. Barsky has amassed enduring success throughout his career, but there were many challenges along the way. At fifteen years old, Mr. Barsky immigrated to the United States from Ukraine with his family. He was very involved in art and music as a young man, but was always influenced by the successful businessmen in his family. He was always creative and had a mind for innovation. From an early age, he had a knack for figuring out how to take things apart, diagnose the way they work, and improve upon them.

However, business was in his blood. At just sixteen years old Mr. Barsky began working for himself, and never looked back. Through hard work, determination, and a sheer will to succeed, he has created a number of very successful businesses. Though much of Mr. Barsky’s success initially came from real estate, he began focusing on the healthcare industry. He built and ran several successful physical therapy facilities and chiropractic facilities, employing teams of M.D.s, D.O.s, P.T.s, P.A.s, and other essential staff. Mr. Barsky has had many successful endeavors in both real estate and healthcare, many of which he is still a key stakeholder and plays an important role in leadership.

In 2014, it was his son Robert Barsky who approached Mr. Barsky with an idea for a new business opportunity. Relying on their experience of developing and sustaining teams of highly successful professionals, Robert and Igor went straight to work, and Allgenic Health and Wellness was born. The team culture and environment Mr. Barsky has created, has been most responsible for the company’s success. He credits the accomplishments of Allgenic to the selflessness of his many employees who have made Allgenic Health and Wellness what it is today, Allgenic is a leader in providing a high quality white glove service to physicians throughout the United States, and with Mr. Barsky at the helm, the future looks very bright for Allgenic and for those suffering from debilitating allergies.