Who We Are

Allgenic Health and Wellness company. Since the inception of Allgenic, the concept to provide high-quality service to physicians and medical facilities in allergy testing and immunotherapy was the foundation on which Allgenic was established. Allgenic is a strong team of professionals dedicated and committed to providing medical services of integrity, honesty, compassion, education and excellence.

At Allgenic Health and Wellness, we assist healthcare providers in offering effective treatments of immunotherapy to bring relief to allergy patients everywhere. By collaborating with all the clinics and physicians in our networks, we have been able to implement the best medical service available for the treatment of allergies, and therefore improve the quality of life for our patients. There are over 60 millions of Americans that suffer from allergies on a daily basis and we are here to assist physicians and medical facilities everywhere to help as many patients possible.

There is NO CAPITAL INVESTMENT to physicians nor medical facilities nor will there be any excessive tasks for your staff to perform that would hinder them from their everyday responsibilities. Allgenic will educate, supervise and provide guidance for you and your staff throughout this process. Allgenic provides the healthcare professional or facility with an Allgenic Certified Clinical Allergy Technician/Specialist that will execute all daily duties (administering the allergy test, educating the patient on the testing as well as the results of their tests, etc.) as well as any administrative responsibilities (appointment scheduling, insurance verification, etc.), as well as a fully operational laboratory to effectively implement the allergy and immunology center. All work performed by the Allgenic Certified Allergy Technician/Specialist will be under the supervision of the physician or medical professional of the practice or medical facility.

Physicians and medical centers will benefit from an increased practice profitability. Patient retention is high due to the amount of time it takes for the immunotherapy to fully desensitize a patient. Profits are in the thousands that would be billable on a monthly basis and paid out within thirty days by most insurance providers.