Practice Benefit

Allgenic Health and Wellness employs the most contemporary and innovative approach accessible in the field of allergies and immunology. This is the same approach that we implement when training healthcare givers such as the doctors in our networks or our Certified Allgenic Allergy Technicians/Specialists in our services. Our highly-trained technicians/specialists execute all allergy testing responsibilities and administrative obligations, as well as all the paperwork regarding allergy testing and immunotherapy that would be at NO COST TO THE HEALTHCARE PROVIDER OR MEDICAL FACILITY.

Allgenic’s primary interest in providing completely compatible allergy services to your practice or medical facility is delivering you with the utmost quality in allergy testing and immunology treatment for your patients. Allgenic’s team of proficient professionals are prepared and equipped in incorporating our services into your practice or medical facility. This guarantees an efficient transition in integrating Allgenic into your office WITHOUT ANY HASSLE OR COST.

If your office is compatible with our allergy program, we will accommodate you with the qualified Certified Allgenic Allergy Technician/Specialist, office and medical equipment and supplies and any additional support from our corporate team necessary. Allgenic has previously arranged multiple offices in various locations across the United States allowing these practices to indulge in the financial benefits of collaborating with Allgenic.

Ultimately, implementing Allgenic into your practice will create many benefits. The medical industry is built on the conceptual foundation to improve the quality of life for the patient. By applying Allgenic into your practice, patients will be able to live their lives allergy free and enjoy their lives to the maximum potential, all thanks to you! Therefore, your business will expand because of the increase in number of services made available to the patient.

With the increase in services provided, there will be an increase in revenue that proceeds as well. There will be higher patient retention rates due to the identification of allergies that will require immunotherapy treatment. Desensitization of an allergy is not an immediate effect after a session of immunotherapy. This treatment is a process which may take more than one year, therefore the number of patients that are referred out will decrease. There is the potential profit to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Additional benefits to your organization:

• Better quality of life for the patient.
• Expand your business services to patients.
• Additional revenue to your business.
• Higher patient retention (decrease in number of patients that are referred out).
• Practice may potentially generate hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Allgenic Allergy and Immunology Centers include, at NO COST to you:

• Comprehensive allergy and immunology services.
• Complete set-up: including all medical personnel, equipment and supplies (technician/specialist, antigens, allergens, general office supplies, etc.).
• Account manager.
• Scratch test and immunotherapy.
• Food allergy or food intolerance (when possible).
• Total support for your staff (scheduling, insurance verification, etc.).
• All protocols, policies, procedures.
• Attorney opinion of letter for your state insurance.
• Allergy tests we provide: Food Intolerance Testing, Food Allergy Testing, Environmental (skin test) and Heavy Metals Testing.